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tomorrow will be a repeat of today, 83-88. we will look at the beach forecast in a few minutes. first, lisa baden has a look at traffic. everything looks beautiful this morning. 95 between richmond and baltimore. travel times in our favor. no accidents crossing the wilson bridge. looks good on 66. out of centreville, a growing volume heading into vienna. we will take you about today geico a centercamera across the american legion bridge. now to news. a developing story. a woman and 20-month-old baby carjacked. >> the suspect is in custody after leading police on the states on the capital beltway. jummy olabanji is in rockville where the suspect is being held
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at the barracks. >> the latest is that the suspect is being held at the rockville barracks of the maryland state police. the car at the center of all this is parked in the garage over my shoulder. what we are being told by police is all this started around 10:00 last night. a 24-year-old woman and her baby or at a gas station in baltimore when a man forced his way into the car. witnesses saw the commotion and called 911 a car was already gone, speeding down 95 south. 30 minutes later if a state reporting a construction seen pulled over on the side was sideswiped by a speeding the lexus. he turned on his lights and started chasing the car at speeds of 100 miles an hour. 15 minutes later at 10:45 a state trooper had at the rockville barracks heard calls for help on the radio, spotted
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the car on 495 and try to pull it over, but the suspect would not stop. the woman holding the baby rolled out of the speeding car to get away. there were not injured. patrick cabin john parkway exit is when the car stopped and the police took the man into custody. 22-year-old terron white of baltimore. he was arrested and faces a list of the charges this morning. the good news is the woman and child and state trooper sideswipes on 95 south are doing ok. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> that's a great ending. severe storms in utah are turned deadly. a 12-year-old boy scout died after being struck by lightning. history was camping 150 miles from salt lake city when a storm
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hit. another boy scout was hit by lightning and is being treated at a hospital for ernst. a woman in our area and barely escaped death in during the outbreak of severe storms as today. >> a tree fell on her car barely missing her. brianne carter has that issue and more. >> for ms. lewis, shocked at the sight of what could of been. >> it was only angels above watching over me because i would have been dead. >> she was driving on massachusetts avenue in southeast washington during the powerful storm yesterday when the tree limb plunged through the windshield, missing this mother of two. >> i'm so glad to be alive. question is not the only one happy to have made it out of the mass. the water along this road prove to be too much for mr. green.
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>> it was a trickle and then a flash flood. i got halfway through and the water washed over the good and the car stalled and i was stuck. >> that was brianne carter reporting. for more pictures and video of the damage, log on to our web site 66 degrees outside 6:04. >> how congressional leaders plan to honor victims of the 9/11 terror attacks today. >> later what could be coming to neighborhoods around the clarendon metro stop. >> live pictures. lisa baden will have a check of the thursday morning
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on the boardwalk in ocean city maryland, inviting everybody down to enjoy all the free events in ocean city. free bonfires and concerts' and the beach and the ocean. good morning, washington. let's take a look at traffic and weather. steve rudin has a great attitude this morning with a great weather report. >> let me tell you, it's going to be absolutely beautiful. if you are heading off to work or walking the dog, a huge difference. low humidity, comfortable temperatures. dulles international and gaithersburg and frederick at 61 degrees this hour. 69 degrees at reagan national
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airport. an area of high pressure, has moved into the mid-atlantic and a cold front from yesterday that brought us the nasty thunderstorms and two inches of rain across the area are long gone. clear skies sports tonight and sunshine on friday. that was the mayor of ocean city a second ago. a great day to go to the delmarva beach is, 81 degrees today and the same tomorrow with a few more clouds. a nice stretch today is coming up. like the sunshine today. 82-87 for us today. mainly clear skies tonight. nighttime lows in the suburbs in the 50's. mid to upper 60's in the district. tomorrow or the daytime, 85. the extended outlook temperatures in the upper 80's up to about 90 by be's. increase humidity by the end of
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the weekend. for abc 7 weather. check out the interactive radar. let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. describing the beltway running nicely. green light inside the beltway at 295. looks good on the freeway and in northeast d.c. quite across the potomac river and the american legion bridge. headed out of leesburg and to get through reston and tysons, looks good. a good run of 28 between centreville and sterling. back to you. >> thank you. congressional leaders are involved in some of the most heated conversations yet about the federal debt celing. >> president obama reportedly walked out of the meeting. karen travers has more. >> in the nation's capital, but temperatures are soaring and tempers are flaring. president obama sits down again
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today with congressional leaders after yesterday's meeting that was the most tense yet. president obama got into a heated exchange over delta's cuts with house minority leader eric cantor. eric cantor suggested a short- term increase to the nation's credit limit to avoid a default. a frustrated president obama issued a veto threat. don't call my bluff he said, and walked out of the meeting. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell issued his own warning to republicans. failure to raise the debt ceiling could be a political disaster. >> i refuse to help barack obama get reelected but martin republicans into a position where we have no ownership of a bad economy. >> if the stalemate is having serious implications. moody's credit agency said yesterday it's considering a possible downgrade to the nation's credit rating. the president told congressional leaders they have until friday to decide whether a deal on deck as it cuts is possible, or
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whether it's time to focus on avoiding a default. abc news, washington. john edwards is expected to be in court for conference hearing. the former democratic presidential candidates could find out when he will stand trial on charges that he used campaign funds to hide an extramarital affair. he was indicted by a north carolina grand jury last month. a damaged american flag on recovered from ground zero is on a tour. it will be on capitol hill today for a ceremony. congressional leaders will kick off a nationwide initiative to organize the single largest day of terrible service in u.s. history. if that will take place on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. d.c. councilman marion barry wants to symbolically designates a long stretch of roadway as martin luther king jr. drive. that would run from the northern end of martin luther king avenue in southeast across the 11th
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street bridge to the maine avenue exit and then down independence ave. the council will vote on that proposal tonight. 6:11 on this thursday. a new look is coming to the clarendon metro plaza. they're working to make over the area between wilson and clarendon boulevards. officials want to add new unseating -- seating and they plan to improve the landscaping and have a covered by pacs. scheduled for completion in spring of 2012. to see more pictures of the design, go to 66 degrees. >> when we continue, casey anthony is days away from returning to life as a free woman. find out why a woman following the news of the case is planning. to planning. -- is planning to file a lawsuit. >> and highlights on the u.s.
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women's impressive performance on the road to the world cup finals. >> and find out why some beer taps are turning off in one state. and how much the new harry potter movie has made already even before its american premiere.
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texting our top stories, a man is in custody after carjacking and police chase in maryland. 22-year-old terron white carjacked a mother and her baby at a baltimore gas station last night. then he headed south on 95. swiped a police cruiser. officers then chased him on to the beltway. the mother with her baby in our arms rolled out of the moving car before the chase ended. the mother had a cut on her head, but the baby was not hurt. d.c. councilman marion
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barry's sun faces drug targets after police found marijuana and pcp in his apartment in may. christopher barry tells us that he looks for to setting the record straight at his trial later this month. new york police arrested a man in the death of an eight- year-old boy in brooklyn. leiby kletzky was reported missing on monday after he got lost on his way home from camp. surveillance video led police to the suspect, 35-year-old levi aron. ingaa a boy to his apartment after the child asked for directions. investigators believe that a panicked and killed the child after he saw missing posters. >> there's no indication that the victim was known to the suspect previously. it was happenstance and a terrible fate for this young boy. >> aron has confessed and it starts with second-degree murder. according to the orthodox jewish tradition, the boy's funeral was held last night.
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hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects. casey anthony will be released from custody on sunday. that is less than two weeks from being acquitted on charges of killing her daughter caylee anthony. but casey anthony's still faces legal problems. a woman with a similar name to the one casey anthony gave to police as filed a defamation lawsuit. a group is trying to recoup $115,000 spent during an attempt to find caylee. there's a new roof on the metrodome in minneapolis. we are about to look at it. they are including the new rules on the minnesota vikings stadium. the new growth contains material that is stronger than steel and more winter distance -- more wind resistant. they do have a lot of snow in minneapolis. >> did you watch the game?
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>> are solid afterwards. -- i saw clips afterwards. >> the u.s. women's soccer team is one step away from the world title. >> abby wambach scoring the goal that gave the u.s.-led victory over france in yesterday's semifinal game. the americans have a chance to win their second world cup in 12 years when they take on japan in the championship game on sunday. >> we will be watching that. the new harry potter movie opens at midnight. the young wizard is already bringing in big bucks. >> peggy bunker has details. >> topping america's money, more pressure on the white house. with no apparent progress on raising the debt limit, moody's may downgrade the country's top- notch credit rating, which could crash markets. fed chairman ben bernanke says the central bank is ready to
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step in if the economy gets weaker but he told a house committee that he does expect the economy to strengthen this year and no fed moves are imminent. the final average body movemen -- a final harry potter movie has sold $32 million in tickets. there's trouble brewing in minnesota for beer drinkers thanks to the government shutdown there. miller agreements have expired, so they may have to remove their brand from store shelves. >> folks are not going to be happy about that with a big game coming up. how many beer drinkers do you think what women's world cup soccer? >> i don't know. today is going to be one of those days when you walk out the door and you feel so good.
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it's going to feel great later this afternoon. a big change compared with yesterday with daytime highs well into the 90's and then the thunderstorms. chesapeake beach, maryland looks beautiful out there. mainly clear skies, 69 degrees at reagan national airport. 53 degrees. that's the dew point level. that is why i feel so comfortable. the district looking at 65. 68 degrees at rehoboth beach. outside, temperatures have fallen into day low 60's's in frederick, gaithersburg, dulles. 66 in quantico. 64 at quantico. -- at frederick. clear skies tonight. another outstanding day tomorrow. once the area of high pressure moves just off the coast, the wind will change more out of the south. that will allow humidity to
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build. we will feel the difference this weekend. the beach forecast looks good today and tomorrow, around 80 degrees. 82-87 for the afternoon high temperature for us. cooler air in the mountains. mainly clear tonight in the 50's to the upper 60's. 85 degrees tomorrow. our temperatures will hold in the upper 80's for the weekend. back in the 90's on monday through wednesday. go to for the beach forecast and a look at interactive radar. now they rush hour commute with lisa baden. we are rushing in maryland across the wilson bridge american legion bridge in and out of baltimore, and looks good in the district. virginia, northbound 395 the main lanes and hov lanes delays began after washington boulevard. we are creeping along having passed 110.
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we will take you to the 14th street bridge, there's an accident where the hov and the main lanes wants to come together on to the eastbound freeway. basically, the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge is affecting everyone this morning. that did change. >> it sure did. >> not looking good. dust in the past 20 minutes. thank you. >-- just in the past 20 minutes. there's outcry over a controversial proposal to take obese children from their parents. and a dust bowl. and the ongoing deadlock on how to reduce the national debt. those stories and more at >> there's a new campaign to provide help the options at fast-food restaurants. -- healthy options. >> today on "oprah," heartthrob
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7 is on your side with. there's a nationwide initiative aimed at offering healthier eating options for children. it was announced where 19 restaurant chains including burger king and ihop will add meals to their menus that focus
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on meallean protein low fat dairy, and vegetables. >> exciting to have options for the whole family. items that please the taste buds and are pleasing to our waistlines and help our bodies, give our bodies the nutrition they need. >> restaurants must offer at least one children's menu item with less than 600 calories to be a part of it. for details on participating restaurants, go to still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> a mother and young child carjacked. they ended up on the side of the beltway. we will have the latest, from the scene. >> picking up the pieces after the storm. and a story of survival you will see only on abc 7 news. that is coming up. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. the skies have cleared and temperatures have fallen. now a beautiful thursday on the
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way. what can we expect for the
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> new this morning, a mother and her young child carjacked. they ended up on the side of the beltway. we will have the latest in a live report. good morning, washington. thanks for being with us. 6:30 on this thursday, july 14. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we begin with steve rudin. looking absolutely wonderful on this thursday morning with low humidity attemptcomfortable temperatures. 69 degrees at reagan national airport. low 60's's in frederick gaithersburg and dulles. in the 50's in petersburg and
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cumberland. dew point levels in the 50's. high-pressure overhead will give us lots of sunshine. the beach forecast, near 80 degrees. we will have daytime highs around 85 with the wind out of the north andt 8-12. now to lisa baden. >> complicated leaving washington boulevard, across the 14th street bridge, police activity on the d.c. side. lockdown 395 is not a pretty picture. accident on the b-w parkway. that's between greenbelt road and the beltway. no sound and southbound b where. fire department activity. park police arriving on the scene. that's a crash on the baltimore- washington parkway. 270 looks pretty good on the
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bethesda side. back to you. >> thank you. we are following a developing story this morning. police arrested a carjacking suspect after a chase along the beltway. >> the suspect took off with a mother and her baby still in the car. jummy olabanji is live at the maryland state police barracks in rockville. she has been following the story. what is the latest? >> good morning. the 24-year-old woman and her 20-month-old baby as well as a police officer were taken to suburban hospital for their injuries. they were released a short time ago and they are doing fine. the man at the center of the carjacking is at the barracks in rockville in custody and faces a long list of charges. this started around 10:00 last night when the woman and her baby and were at a gas station in west baltimore when the man forced his way into their car. witnesses saw and called 911.
6:32 am
the states that are restarted ensuing. around 10:30 is when a state trooper on the side of 95 south was working a construction area panned was sideswiped by the speeding lexus. he put his lights on and started chasing the car down 95 south onto 495, the outer loop. around 10:45 an officer in rockville recalls for help on the radio off and try to pull the car over on the beltway. the car did not stop. that's when the passenger door swung open and the 24-year-old woman clinging to her child rolled out of the car on to the beltway. they are ok. at the cabin john parkway exit is when he decided to pull over. he is identified as 22-year-old terron white, of baltimore. he is being held on several charges. all the victims are doing fine.
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reporting live in rockville jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. one local woman barely escaped death during yesterday's outbreak of severe storms. >> she was nearly killed when a tree fell on her car. brianne carter joins us live with that story and all the other issues caused by the wild weather. >> good morning. these storms came in quickly catching a number of people across the region off guard, especially one woman who ended up with a tree limb in her lap. >> 0 my god. >> for ms. lewis they're shocked at the sight of what could of been. >> it was angels watching over me because i would've been dead. >> she was driving on massachusetts avenue in southeast washington during yesterday's powerful storm when a tree limbs sliced through the windshield just missing the mother of two. >> it is a blessing i am alive.
6:34 am
>> she is not the only one happy to have made it out of the mess created by mother nature's wrath, including high water down trees, and airlines. mr. green was driving in the water and it proved to be too much. >> it was a little trickle and then a flash flood. i got about halfway through and the water washed over the good and the car stalled and i got stuck. cor--- washed over the hood. >> tens of thousands of people were without power. we have seen virginia dominion crews this morning working to get power back on. a few hundred people are left in the darkest time. brianne carter, abc 7 news -- a few hundred people are left in the dark. christopher barry was arrested in may after police found marijuana and pcp in his
6:35 am
southwest the apartment. he is the son of marion barry. he jumped out of a window to avoid police, but was arrested when he returned. he says he looks forward to setting the record straight. new warnings about what could happen if president obama and congressional leaders don't agree on how to reduce the nation's debt. the moody's investors service is threatened to downgrade america's credit rating. fed chairman ben bernanke if says that would be disastrous. talks on a debt reduction deal are deadlocked at this time. if a deal was not reached by august 2, the u.s. could default on its that. >> more on that coming up. one step closer to resolution in the charlie sheen police escorts scandal. deposing the inspector general issued a report last night stating there was nothing unusual about officers giving him an escort from dulles international airport to the district. hwee received the escort for
6:36 am
performance in april. d.c. police chief cathy lanier said that she believed the escort violated police protocol but the new report makes 11 recommendations, including fourr the police to cooperate with local law enforcement. the annual meeting of the council of state governments. he charged with accepting bribes from a shopper's food warehouse and then lying to investigators. this trial is expected to begin september 26. frederick county commissioners may make changes to their public meeting prayer policy. commissioners may eliminate language allowing on the people from monotheistic religions to give an opening prayer. they say the county would be required to determine which religions are monotheistic. metro is about to make big changes on how it makes repairs and upgrades.
6:37 am
that will likely affect you. right now the trains share single-tracking during the weekend repairs. but metro now plans to shut down both directions and to all the work in one area at one time. buses will be provided around that area. >> the purpose is to isolate delays to that one portion so the rest of the line can operate pretty close to the normal schedule and allow us to get more done. >> mattresses that would allow it to complete safety improvements for on the red line 18 months sooner than previously expected. yesterday metro released a calendar of schedule track work for next year so passengers can plan ahead. 65 degrees on this thursday. temperatures are dropping. >> that happens a lot in lot when we continue sarah palin said a timeline for a possible announcement on a presidential bid. >> harry potter fans are counting the hours until the final film hits the big screen.
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>> you are looking at live pictures. a gorgeous thursday. we will have the latest on the road and the forecast when we continue.
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6:00 hour 4-d is the time. -- 6:40.
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>> i chose today and tomorrow for the best days of the week. lots of sunshine this afternoon, 82-87 degrees. mainly clear skies tonight with temperatures in the a 50's to mid to upper 60's. tomorrow looks nice again. a few more clouds, temperatures around 85 degrees. the wind will start to change direction. that means more humidity in the forecast for the weekend. we will look at that as well as the extended outlook in a few minutes. we have had a substantial change on 395 northbound with police activity on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge. traffic leaving the pentagon heading across the bridge, even in the hov lanes, everyone is impacted by this. park police report an accident on the b-w parkway.
6:42 am
both directions are affected north of the beltway. here we are where you can see traffic inching along across the 14th street bridge. now you know how to plan. back to you. >> thank you. i am sure the situation will change again. more tense talks about the debt ceiling. we will talk about what is a today. and we will have the latest on this ♪ ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director.
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just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write .
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welcome back. sarah palin says she will announce in late august or early
6:45 am
september whether she plans to seek the gop presidential nomination. she says that she thinks she can defeat president obama next year. there is shifting going on a 20 comes to polls in the race for the white house. >> michelle bachmann is gaining ground on mitt romney. a poll shows mitt romney with 25% of voters. michelle bachmann is at 14%. sarah palin behind her and then rick perry. sarah palin and a bit. -- sarah palin and rick perry have niot announced their candidacy. the debt debate continues. david is joining us to talk about the latest developments. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we heard yesterday that during the negotiations president obama walked out of
6:46 am
the meeting. today we are hearing conflicting versions of what haven't. >> there are no reporters at these meetings, only the leadership. he was in the meeting with majority leader eric cantor. eric cantor's people say that the president got up and stormed out. the president's side said that it was not that dramatic. when the president decides a meeting is over, is over. president obama said, don't call my bluff on this, i will go to the american people, don't try to force me into a deal that does not include tax hikes. that is the center point that republicans are not budging on and the president says must be included in order to raise the debt ceiling. >> americans have known about this. how big of a part will politics play in this? will they actually get this done? it's thursday. >> we are 20 days out.
6:47 am
they will be meeting for a fifth straight day today. there does not seem to be any daylight between them. the problem is this has never happened before. many wall street analysts say this eventually will happen and they will get a deal. because the consequences would be too catastrophic and neither side wants to be blamed. republicans would be a little more to blame than the president, but nobody thought actually knows, with investors losing money on this and america's credit rating in jeopardy. >> facing consequences with moody's coming out and saying it will potentially -- >> rattling the markets. if the markets get jittery there's going to be even more urgency. then you'll have donors saying for them to cut a deal because it's going to cost them money. >> we will see if an alternative plan goes through. we shall wait and see. david, thanks for being with us.
6:48 am
6:27, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> now to steve rudin. >> a nice morning shaping up for us. chesapeake beach maryland, hardly any clouds. bright sunshine this afternoon expected. 69 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point levels are in the 50's. that is why it feels comfortable outside. 65 in the district. at george washington university, 68 degrees. our final stop is silver spring maryland, 67 at this hour. our temperatures are comfortable. 61 at gaithersburg and the dulles. 64 in fredericksburg. dew point levels are in the 50's. high pressure over yet. that will give us a beautiful day, mainly clear skies for the overnight hours.
6:49 am
at the delmarva beach is, ocean city rehoboth, is around 80 degrees. serve temperatures around 70. -- surf temperatures. for us today 85 degrees mostly sunny. nighttime lows in the 50's in the suburbs, mid to upper 60's close to the district. today and tomorrow look great. 83-88 degrees. a wonderful way to end the work week. humidity levels will begin to increase this weekend and it will feel more like summer, more tropical, and 80's. 90's on monday through wednesday. go to for the beach forecast and many interesting bits of weather information. now to traffic with lisa baden. in woodbrige, northbound on route 1, there's an accident blocking a turn lane on the
6:50 am
northbound side. a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle. traffic is getting through in both directions. the b-w parkway crash is northbound at greenbelt road. ok what speaks pictures. not good. ddot is reporting a sinkhole has developed on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge where the hov and the main lanes would merge together. ddot says there's a sinkhole. it's not simply an accident. this will be a lengthy repair and a long commute. >> that will go on all day. >> probably towards evening commute. thank you so much. >> we will be right bac
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[ cherie ] i always had a job ever since i was fourteen. i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phohoenix that i was able to work full-time be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix
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dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing every day got mme to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood i'm'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at good thursday morning. coming up, a showdown at the white house as the president's front out of debt talks yesterday warning republicans not to call his bluff. if as the u.s. now faces a new threat over credit rating, is? this the is? -- is this the tipping point?
6:54 am
and we will talk about the u.s. women's possible and world cup title and dead. that's next on good morning america. police a man carjacked a woman at a baltimore gas station. the case began when their car hit a police cruiser on 95. the mother and infant rolled out of the car on to the beltway. the man was arrested. people across our area cleaning up the damage from last night severe storm. a woman nearly died when a tree fell on her car in southeast d.c. the storms knocked down trees and power lines and caused flooding in northern virginia. a deal to reduce the nation's debt, the talks may be collapsing. president obama walked out of a meeting last night. we just have weeks before the deadline. and a major credit rating its is threatening to downgrade our credit rating. and magical night at the georgetown anc. nw. fans waited in line for hours to be one of the first to see harry
6:55 am
potter and the deadly palos part 2. the premiere brought out big stars, including matthew lewis. the final harry potter movie opens nationwide at midnight tonight. we will take a last look at traffic and weather. really ramping up on the 14th street bridge. >> that's right. there's a sinkhole according to ddot on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge where the hov and the main lanes come together. we will show you the impact this has had on traffic. northbound in not only the main lanes, but the hov lanes as well. if this is noah the beltway. substantial delays out of a landmark. an alternate route is necessary. an alternate is d.c. 295, which is already feeling the impact.
6:56 am
going northbound on 295 across 11th street bridge is also feeling the effect of this. at least we have good weather. 85 degrees for the daytime high. there's no rain in sight. this is the extended outlook looking good. friday and saturday, the upper 80's. near 90 degrees next week. >> thanks for watching. good morning america is next. >> if we are continuing local news on news channel 8. and we will see you at noon. have a great day. captioned by the national captioning institute
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